Transforming Consumer Experience with an mPOS

With the Indian consumer getting more connected, mobile and tech-savvy, life is getting complicated for the merchants, retailers and business owners. Retail sector is facing unprecented challenges, all thanks to an increasingly changing consumer behaviour. With choices aplenty and innumerable payment options, the consumer is now seeking convenience and mobility more than anything else.

Today’s consumer expects an interactive shopping experience, and also wants to pay at his/her convenience, through his/her chosen mode of payment. Nobody wants to stand in a queue – it would be great if the payments system could walk up to them… else, there are other options available, aren’t they?

You get the point?

The consumer today has many cashless options to choose from; after all, going to an ATM to withdraw cash time and again has become a tedious exercise. The consumer has a variety of debit/credit cards to choose from, then there are innumerable e-wallets, you always had net banking, and now, there is Aadhaar Pay, UPI and whatnot. Also, why would the customer stand in a queue and wait for his/her turn, when the store next door has a salesperson who walks with a device that could generate a bill and accept payment anywhere in the store or even outside… anywhere?

The challenge now for merchants and business owners is to have a portable payments infrastructure that uses technology to optimize consumer experience. That’s where an mPOS steps in.

  • The installation of an mPOS terminal like the Paynear mPOS, can help bust lines, reduce wait time for customers, and also collect important consumer data that could help in understanding their preferences, shopping patterns etc. Also, gathering basic information like name, contact details etc, helps reducing the wait time further, when the customers shops from the same outlet the next time. From a merchant’s point of view, it’s repeat business… isn’t it?
  • An mPOS terminal enables the merchant or business owner to accept payments through any mode. The Paynear mPOS has been programmed to accept payments through all cashless modes, including debit/credit cards, net banking, online, e-wallets, UPI etc. Which means, that this device could appeal to all kinds of customers; no matter their preferred choice of payment.
  • From operations point of view, an mPOS is a blessing in disguise that could enhance your overall business ecosystem. E-invoicing, e-receipts, sales reporting, customer management, inventory management, employee management, etc… all these functionalities could be carried out by one simple handled device that describes portability at its best. This magical device can also help update all necessary information such as price and availability of products, customer feedback etc.
  • Most importantly, terminals like the Paynear mPOS could actually help you earn extra revenue from your business. The value-added services like ticketing, reservations, bill payment, mini-ATM etc., can generate extra revenue from your business in the form of commissions, discounts and incentives.
  • Last but not the least, an mPOS device is absolutely safe and secure to transact with. The Paynear mPOS follows the strictest safety and security standards, as mandated by various banks, financial institutions, card associations and other regulatory authorities.

More often than not, any business follows the demand-supply concept. Any supplier would be successful, only if he/she meets with the demands of his/her consumer successfully. So, if your consumer has gone hi-tech, and is demanding mobile and convenient payment solutions and shopping experience, then what’s stopping you from meeting your consumers’ demand?

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