Why it’s time to Refuel your Business with Paynear Power?

Our world is transforming… and how! Evolution seems to be the only constant, on a planet where everything seems to be changing at an unimaginable pace.

The sooner you predict the changing trends and find means to address them, and the faster you adapt to the changing technology, the more your chances of survival and growth. Any laid-back attitude, and you could be pushed into obscurity… sooner than you could ever imagine.

Take for instance Nokia. Though it was among the first players in the world to innovate tools for mobile communication, it failed to anticipate the changing trends, and suddenly found itself nowhere, while the other relatively unknown players at that point like Samsung, Apple etc. responded better to changing market dynamics.

This kind of a situation could happen to anyone – a small retailer to an e-commerce giant, a bank to any other financial institution. Adaptability is the key, in this ever-changing, ever-evolving world!

The consumer was, is and will always be the king! It’s always the standard matter of demand and supply. Businesses will perpetually have to cater to the demands of the consumer and streamline their operations accordingly, and not the other way round. You could be the pioneer in what you offer, but what’s the point if there are no takers?

In this digital age, when the end-customer is swiftly moving towards cashless transactions, and when the government is pushing towards a less-cash economy, you as a merchant or a business owner, have no other option but to install or upgrade your cashless infrastructure. Likewise for banks and financial institutions; they too have to address the changing dynamics in the most seamless fashion.

With mobile and online e-commerce taking over the world, and with a variety of apps offering unimaginable services, smooth conduct of transactions has become that much more complex and challenging… yet that much more exciting!

While an e-commerce giant may have a relatively straightforward model of selling products online and collecting payments through net banking, credit or debit cards, e-wallets, etc., there are many companies that conduct business through challans, invoices and payment links. And then there are some who accept payments only through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS.

We also have marketplaces that are entirely different from e-commerce businesses, in the sense that they connect the buyer with the seller. In such cases, the flow of money does not end at the marketplace. Instead, the cycle gets complete only with the seller receiving the payment, with the marketplace functioning just as an intermediary.

And then, we have companies offering services on a month-on-month basis, where the customer has to pay manually on a monthly basis. There are also a few who offer an auto-debit option, while some banks and financial institutions even allow bill payment facilities. Throw in the facility of UPI that almost all banks offer now, and you are talking about some scenario.

Amongst all this, how could we ever forget the orthodox retailer who is gradually moving away from cash and is now getting ready to accept payments through any… and many modes.

All in all, it’s a complicated situation out there! Isn’t it?

The challenge now for any transactions processing company is to have a seamless, robust infrastructure that allows the acceptance of payments through any and all cashless modes. Also, for that company, it becomes paramount to provide highly-customizable solutions that could cater to the specific needs of its clients – from an orthodox retailer, to an e-commerce giant, to a mobile-based business app, to someone who offers month-on-month services, to a bank or a financial institution that needs this kind of an infrastructure to facilitate cashless transactions among its clients and customers.

That’s where Paynear scores. We, as a company, provide comprehensive, integrated, transactions processing solutions to all kinds of businesses – from a small retailer to an e-commerce giant, from banks to mobile-based businesses.

Paynear’s indigenous, innovative, and futuristic integrated transactions processing platforms provide an infrastructure that helps accept payments through any cashless channels including net banking, credit/debit cards, online; despite not having an actual website, e-wallets, and UPI etc. Additionally, all our products offer value-added services like ticketing, reservations, mini-ATM etc., for all the stakeholders involved in a transaction including the banks/financial institutions and the merchants to earn extra revenue. And since all Paynear devices are powered by inbuilt tools like e-invoicing, e-receipts, customer & store management tools etc., your business ecosystem gets that much-needed boost.

At Paynear, we believe in providing integrated solutions that follow the highest safety & security standards and protocols set in place by banks, financial institutions and governing bodies. Our ability to innovate with agility to address the changing market dynamics gives us the added advantage.

Another reason why you should opt for Paynear products is the fact that we have recently been awarded the GSP Status (GST Suvidha Provider) by the GST Network in India. Which means, you don’t have to look elsewhere for complying with the provisions of the GST law. Paynear now provides innovative and convenient services to taxpayers, businesses and other stakeholders interacting with the GST systems. These services range from registration of the entity, to the uploading of invoice details, to the filing  of tax returns.

So, it’s time for you to switch to the ultimate tool that helps ease the burden of cashless transactions processing, provides you the opportunity to earn extra revenue from your business, automates your business ecosystem, and also helps you comply with the GST Network. It’s indeed time to Refuel your Business with Paynear Power!

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