Team Member Spotlight – LVN Krishna

What’s your average day like?
Each morning I make sure to do some physical activity like a small walk or a jog to get myself ready for the day. Have my breakfast and head over to the day’s work. Spend some time with my team members over a cup of tea and catch up on the day’s tasks. Once I get down to the tasks, the day just goes by quickly. After a day’s tight schedule, I chill out with my friends over dinner and call it a wrap.

What is your role at IT?
As part of the IT team I analyze, design and develop the various modules. My major role is doing development activity in the projects I’m part of and support my team members to develop remarkable products and make sure our IT head is proud of it. It makes your job really easy when your team members are equally committed and passionate about developing the best products that make happy customers. I feel my company is my greatest asset.

How would you describe your 2 years journey at Paynear?
First of all I’m still convincing myself how quickly and smoothly the last two years have passed by. It’s as if I had joined recently, but now that you have reminded me of these two years it has been a pleasure journey. I can happily say that if one wants to start their career then they have to join Paynear. There were countless hours of work that stretched for day and night and even though had less of play and more of work, I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope the hard work everyone has put in will result in success in this year. Also, the support from the management and team members has helped me a lot and I wholeheartedly say that working in a new company like Paynear made my journey wonderful.

What keeps you busy outside the work life?
I like playing games on my smartphone, catching up with latest movies (especially horror), install and check out new apps. I like buying stuff from e-commerce sites especially SnapDeal. Also visting new places is something interests me a lot.

What do you enjoy most about your current position at Paynear?
I had a good freedom of expressing my ideas, thoughts to my reporting manager and colleagues. Flexible timings, learning new technologies and new integrations. It would add to our routine work if we had team outings and recreation activities to relax a bit. As of now I’m really enjoying my work and want to see the company grow leaps & bound.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?
My parents and my brother.

 What is your hidden talent?
I used to sketch cartoon characters. It’s not hidden anymore, rather has disappeared.

If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?
Use bean bags instead of chairs.

What was the best vacation you ever took?
I feel the best vacation depends on the people you spend time with. It’s been 14 years since our family relocated to Hyderabad and we had visited almost all the famous places here. Araku valley trip with my college buddies was the most memorable one.

Which one food do you wish had zero calories and which is your favorite food?
I wish bhel puri had zero calories. Gurtu Vankai (Brinjal with masala and dal) is my favourite curry and I love eating sweets a lot.

What is your favorite movie and book?
I’m not particular about movies but horror movies is one genre I don’t miss especially in theatres and my lappy. Books are the last thing that come to my mind.

What technologies, processes, and techniques do you get to use?
My technique is very simple. “Think before you do.” Process is “What you feel.” Technique is having a good zeal and the techniques automatically come to you’

Sometime or someone you miss the most from childhood?
I missed my grandpa. I was there with him till 14 yr’s and he passed away. I really had a good time with him in my childhood.

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