Team Member Spotlight – Rajyalakshmi from Accounts & Finance

What’s your average day like? For me an average day is 20% with family and 80% office work. Even though I spent most of the time at work, I consider it as my second family How would you describe [...]


Team Member Spotlight – LVN Krishna

What’s your average day like? Each morning I make sure to do some physical activity like a small walk or a jog to get myself ready for the day. Have my breakfast and head over to the day’s work. [...]

Team Member Spotlight – Preeti from Admin

What’s your role at Paynear? Being in the administration department, I have to interact and be in touch with all the other departments of the company. It’s my responsibility to help whoever needs [...]

Team Member Spotlight – Saroj Sahu from IT

What’s your average day like? Each day brings new challenges, new lessons and many ups and downs. All I try to do is stay positive, complete my tasks, spend time with my friends and make sure to [...]