About Paynear Solutions

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Paynear Solutions is a transactions processing company, which builds solutions for payment processing, customer and store management, and enabling merchants to offer lots of value added services to their customers, which in turn increases their revenue. We believe accepting payments should not be complicated requiring high cost infrastructure. Through a wide range of innovative & reliable payment solutions, we provide a secure & streamlined customer experience irrespective of the channel. Paynear’s omni-channel package consists of a complete payment suite, value added services and inbuilt business tools; designed to simplify payment transactions and complement the business eco-system.

Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurial professionals with 10+ years experience in payment & merchant centric industry

Our Goal

To build a rapidly growing organization using innovations to empower merchants, by simplifying payments acceptance and by providing enhanced value additions for better business growth.

Our Mission

To activate second rung part of Indian market for digital payments enabling merchants to engage and reward customers through unique solutions.

Our Vision

To be no. 1 player in the merchant specific solution industry including payment processing.

Our Philosophy

We consider our employees as the most valuable resources/assets of the company. We believe that employees working in our organization are an asset with unlimited potential when given an opportunity for growth and development.